EDRMS is an acronym for Electronic Document Records Management System. The term EDRMS is used interchangeably with EDMS, Electronic Document Management System. Any corporate organisation growing generates data and information on every business day. The accumulation of paper work, lack of space, difficulty in tracing or locating complimented by other factors propel the company to initiate Electronic Document and Record Management System (EDRMS).


With support from Metrofile – South Africa, we are providing a software system that is designed to manage the physical and electronic storage, retrieval and destruction of any records that are not required. The principle behind the system is that the client is able to store records randomly in an open rack shelving and use the system to track and locate these records. By using various search criteria the user will be able to retrieve the records on an ad hoc basis.



Increase efficiency and productivity through a well managed records environment


Optimize Organization’s business processes, decreasing the number of slips, saving time for workers


Our system prides itself with a variety of security features. Authority to retrieve files is controlled.


EDMS will not only manage your documents more efficiently, but will also reduce costs.


This electronic management system is designed to electronically allow the client to define filing areas in which to store, retrieve and share records. These filing areas could include a central record area, a filing cabinet, a store for stationery supplies and an electronic storage repository. Metrofiler uses a bar-coded file label attached to each batch of documents or to a single file, which enhances the accuracy of storage and retrieval of files. The system has an option to auto-generate barcode labels which prints on a cover sheet once a record is captured. The barcode label whether auto-generated or manually inserted is stored in the filing system for the lifespan of the record [from “cradle to grave”]. The programme stores the full history of the records movement and can be viewed by a user through the transaction module.

In doing so we provide a robust infrastructure, giving you piece of mind that you will have access to your information 24/7 through a web client. Web based access provides for the flexibility of working from any internet accessible computer system. Both the physical and electronic modules offer robust reporting and serve as a management tool to manage staff, volumes, destruction, etc. Furthermore, the electronic system allows for ten text, three date and two numeric fields of capture for both physical and electronic components.

Integrate records management functions into organisational work processes, IT enterprise architecture and information system.

Re-engineering organisational business process is fundamental to implementing EDRMS content, documents and document management are inherent organisational business processes.

Continue updating EDRMS application and Metadata Standards based on best practices, organisational input and lessons learned.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity through a well managed records environment;
  • Decrease costs for physical and electronic storage
    Optimise ORGANIZATION’s business processes, decreasing the number of slips, sawing time for workers
  • Transfer records permanently to the main archive
  • Document ORGANIZATION policy, decisions and outcome to stake holders
  • Meet ORGANIZATION legislative and regulatory requirements, including audit
  • Protect ORGANIZATION in litigation
  • Function in a financially and ethically accountable manner
  • Protect ORGANIZATION interests as well as the rights of employees’ constituents and other stakeholders
  • Provide continuity of operations in an emergency or discloser
  • Protect public interests and trust
  • Bar-coding of records and storage areas will make retrieval of records quick and simple
  • Your records will be stored randomly into defined storage areas
  • Other “Items” will be added to a record even after it has been stored in a central records area
  • Requests for a record are controlled by a security module; ensuring only authorised personnel to retrieve records
  • Records are managed from creation to destruction by a user defined “retention matrix”
  • Mobile hand held bar-code readers are used to ensure accuracy when storing records
  • An audit of any storage area can be carried out using the mobile bar-code reader
  • Reference to a record (including searching) is via a user defined record type. The user, therefore, captures and subsequently searches for a record using their own defined selection criteria
  • A powerful “records movement scheduler” allows a central management facility to plan the movement of files, allowing further optimisation of space;
  • A request module linked to e-mail allows the system to notify a requester, when a record has been booked by the user in advance that it has been returned to storage
  • Standard reports ensure that management has access to full information
  • Additional “items” can easily be added to existing documents
  • Records can be tracked from user to user within the client premises. A powerful track and trace module that can be used to track records between the warehouse and client, allowing the client to be able to see the exact location of their records
  • The electronic software is able to manage documents at various levels i.e. records, boxes and images, which can be requested or image be viewed via the web functionality

The strength of any system lies in the robustness of its security. Our system prides itself with a variety of security features. These include:

Any access to the computer system can be restricted by User, Branch, Department, Record type or System function.

Authority to retrieve files is controlled by using authority codes that must be quoted by the requester before a file is retrieved

Authorised signatories for faxes or an authorised e-mail address will be put in place where appropriate.


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