We consider our approach to training unique and always desire to share it with our participants from different parts of the world. With experienced course directors, facilitators and tutors training programme at ACSD is based on participatory learning in which the exchange of experience plays an important role. Much attention is paid to the practical experience of the participants where appropriate, real life cases are used in role-plays and simulation exercises. Most topics are treated in a plenary session comprising a short lecture as the basis for further group discussion and exercises. Throughout all training programs considerable emphasis is put on discussion and personal feedback.

Group Discussions and Plenary Presentations

Capacity building especially for busy minds need collective approach to problems and this is covered under discussions and plenary sessions. Brainstorming is considered under group discussions. We view this method as one of the traditional ways of achieving a solution from the African perspective.

Audio-Visual Methods

The Centre embraces modern technology and offers participants with visuals from different parts of the world with similar experiences. Software developed specifically to address problems is available and at the choice of the participants in collaboration with the consultant(s).

Field Inspection Visits

The approach gives a chance to participants to get an on-spot sensorial experience and appreciation of a given situation or project. The Centre has found this approach very constructive affording participants from different parts of Africa a chance to appreciate where they are coming from after comparing with the visited sites.

Participatory Experiential Facilitation Method (PEF)

As already mentioned, emphasis is put on individual’s experience and consultative approach to different situations at places of work. Contributions are mainly sought from the participants and remedies are developed collectively.